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Will Smith

December 23, 2017

Matt's a great guy that runs the McCoy Jewelers. They've taken care of our wedding bands and many other jewelry. They can also create customized jewelry for you. When you talk with them, they can help you find what you're looking for within the budget you have.

Matt Boyer

January 18, 2016

Great experience with them. They made a custom engagement ring, and did an amazing job. Five stars!

Tom L

September 15, 2012

If you need jewelery repaired or custom designed, Matt is the person to see. He is a master jeweler. McCoy's has a variety of inventory from low to high price range. I try to go in only when my wife is not with me.

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Dianne B.


It has been many years ago, but, the gold nose piece on my frameless eye glasses broke. Dana Mccoy repaired it and it never broke again. It was very...READ MORE

Karen H.


I have a lot of jewelry and have purchased many items from McCoy jewelers. They are top notch and the work they do on repairs and adjustments cannot be...READ MORE

R B.


I was in a pinch when my local master jeweler could not complete the the job I needed done. I was notified two and a half days before my daughter's wedding...READ MORE